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A Message From Our Principal


Welcome to Three Hierarchs Academy an Orthodox Christian School in Florence AZ, now in its fifth year of operation.

As the newly appointed principal of 3HA I am honoured and eager to begin 2022-2023, which promises to be a very successful year. I aim to lead my staff in an Orthodox Ethos that will achieve an authentic learning environment for our students. We will draw inspiration from the Great Fathers of the Church, Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom, in the preparation of our teaching methodologies and policies. I believe that academic studies are enhanced with student involvement in visual arts, music, and sports. These co- and extracurricular activities will provide lasting memories for our students when they reflect on their time at Three Hierarchs Academy.

I look forward to meeting 3HA parents, who play a crucial role in the education of their children, as we work together to ensure student success.

Stamatis Apostolos
Principal, Three Hierarchs Academy

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(520) 222 - 6358

Our Mission

Three Hierarchs Academy encourages our students' growth as Orthodox Christians and valued members of society through bilingual education with Orthodox Christian content. Knowledge of the Greek language is therefore important as it forms the foundation for our understanding of the New Testament and the Church Fathers. Our goal is to engage students and spark their love and curiosity for learning using a variety of approaches – traditional, project-based, inquiry-based, and problem-based learning - that address the individual needs of each child.

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