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A Message From Our Principal


Welcome to Three Hierarchs Academy! I am proud and committed to the students and community we serve and am excited to begin the 2023/2024 school year. We are a Greek Orthodox Christian school infusing academics, Greek language, life skills, and physical education within a prayerful ethos steeped from the experience of the Church Fathers. It is refreshing to come alongside so many families who share the same vision!

It's exciting to see that our new classrooms are completed and upgraded for the learning environment both our students and teachers deserve. This school year we will continue our efforts to improve student achievement across all learning strands. Our entire staff has been diligently working to prepare for your children to arrive. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and refining our instructional practices to provide our students with a rewarding school experience.

Our parents and students can look forward to the amazing co-curricular programs we are planning this coming school year. Together we aim to make our students' learning experience both rewarding and memorable. We are steadfast in our Orthodox faith and teaching to ensure all students are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to promote creativity, character, citizenship, communication, and critical thinking.

I entreat and expect parents and community members to be engaged in our school as team members in educating our students. Parents and community members have the opportunity to join our Orthodox Parents Association yearly. Within this association are many subcommittees which you can participate in to best showcase your talents for the benefit of our students.

Thank you for visiting Three Hierarchs Academy website. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Stamatis Apostolos
Principal, Three Hierarchs Academy

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Our Mission

Three Hierarchs Academy encourages our students' growth as Orthodox Christians and valued members of society through bilingual education with Orthodox Christian content. Knowledge of the Greek language is therefore important as it forms the foundation for our understanding of the New Testament and the Church Fathers. Our goal is to engage students and spark their love and curiosity for learning using a variety of approaches – traditional, project-based, inquiry-based, and problem-based learning - that address the individual needs of each child.

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