Enrollment Process


The first step in the enrollment process is the enrollment application. Please click the buttons below to download and complete the application and immunization exemption forms and deliver in person to the school office. Call our office at 1 (520) 222 - 6358 to schedule your visit. If you're vaccinating your child(ren), please bring the up-to-date immunization records.


Family interviews are a part of the process for the Three Hierarchs Academy. Please expect the school to ask detailed questions about the parents and the child(ren). Families also get the opportunity to walk through the campus and ask questions about the school. This interview is a great opportunity to discuss the Academy’s educational philosophy in more detail, explore the family’s spiritual life, address our objectives in terms of school-family interaction, balance, etc. Visits and interviews are done by appointment only.

To schedule a visit, you can call our office at 1 (520) 222 - 6358

Student Assessment and Placement Tests

We recognize that changing schools and sending a child to school after homeschooling can be challenging and produce some anxiety. Our goal is to minimize the stress associated with the transition by providing academic support to each child and establishing bonding that fosters success.

The assessment and evaluation help us to set students up for success by placing them in the correct grade level. Our placement tests can help evaluate each student’s level of mastery in core subjects and ensure they are placed in the appropriate course for their level of ability. The placement tests are conducted by qualified personnel by appointment, after receipt of the application documents.


Once a student's application and evaluation are completed, the case will be reviewed for acceptance. Parents will be promptly notified of an applicant's acceptance within 10 days of the completed process, through their preferred method of contact (email or phone). If the student is accepted, the school's registration process continues. The necessary registration enrollment packet may be obtained by visiting the school office or by calling 1 (520) 222 - 6358  . Once the enrollment packet is complete, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. To expedite the registration process, make sure to have all forms completed and all necessary documentation obtained prior to coming to your appointment.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


Books and Supplies:

  • $400 (covers all books and supplies to be used throughout the school year).
  • Tuition:

  • Kindergarten: $6,500
  • Grades 1-8: $7,500
  • Discounts:
    The Academy offers tuition discounts to families with multiple children and those with financial need—up to full tuition coverage

  • Families are entitled to a 10% reduction in tuition for the enrollment of a second child, and a 20% discount for the enrollment of three or more children.
  • Need-based financial aid is available, up to full tuition coverage
  • Payments:
    Tuition and fees can be paid by personal check, money order, cashier’s check, debit/credit card, or online through PayPal, with details available here. Please make checks payable to "Three Hierarchs Academy."

    Payment terms:
    Families are welcome to choose 10-month or 12-month tuition plans; payments for the upcoming year beginning August 1st. Monthly payment plans are assessed an $8 per month processing fee. This covers the issuance of payment booklets and maintenance of the associated records. Each school year commences right after the Labor Day holiday.

    Late Payment Fees:
    The Academy anticipates payments, as arranged at the time of registration, and shall be submitted in a timely manner, by or before the due date. Any student account thirty days past due will be subject to a late payment fee, given that no arrangement has been made regarding a hardship situation. The late payment clause applies to all fees, including any associated with the Academy’s after-school program, special tutoring or extracurricular activity costs (such as special field trips). Any account that remains unpaid may cause the dismissal of the respective student(s) from Three Hierarchs Academy at the discretion of the Academy's Administrator.

    Financial Aid

    Getting financial aid can make it possible for your child(ren) to attend Three Hierarchs Academy tuition free. Please download and complete the Financial Aid application and deliver in person to the school office during school hours.

    Tuition Assistance

    Take advantage of the resources available below and apply for tuition assistance for your child(ren).


    ACSTO (Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization) — ACSTO.org


    Arizona Leadership Foundation — ArizonaLeader.org


    School Choice Arizona — SchoolChoiceArizona.org


    Academy Non-Discrimination Statement

    The Three Hierarchs Academy is qualified to participate in the State of Arizona's programs for financial assistance for private schools and, therefore, adheres to the regulations set forth by the state to be eligible for these programs. See ARS 15-891.

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